Recycling Education

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Recycling Education:

GreenTeam of San Jose delivers all of the recyclables we collect to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located in San Jose.

The technology at the state of the art MRF enables workers to efficiently sort your mixed recyclable materials. A system of conveyor belts, screens, electromagnets and blasts of air separate paper from plastics, glass and other materials. Sorted bales and bins of materials are then taken to processing facilities before being sold to make new products.

The process of sorting your recyclables at the MRF is partially automated. MRF employees do handle much of the material. Please remember do not put any hazardous or bathroom waste in your recycling cart, including hypodermic needles and diapers.

For more information on the process, please click on Materials Recovery Facility.

School Outreach Program:

GreenTeam of San Jose encourages the community to share the importance of recycling with children.

GreenTeam of San Jose offers classroom presentations to educate on the benefits of recycling, reducing, and reusing materials. Our presentations are geared to the schools in San Jose and provide information on how to properly participate in the recycling program, how the materials we collect are processed and recycled and why it is important for the community to participate in the recycling program.

GreenTeam of San Jose feels that educating our children today on environmental issues and concerns in a creative and interactive setting will create a group of inspired, environmentally aware adults for the future.

For more information on our school outreach program or to schedule a classroom presentation, please contact our Outreach Department at 408-282-4400 ( TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only

School Contests:

GreenTeam of San Jose holds several contests for the schools in San Jose to engage the creativity of the young students in our communities. The winning entries will be posted on our website.

Resources for Students and Teachers:

Activities and Games

Roscoe's Recycle Room
Recycle City
Recycle Roundup
Recycle This!
Science Kids – Recycling

Arts and Crafts
Kinder ART
Books (Coming Soon!)


CalRecycle – Education and the Environment Initiative
Earth 911
Environmental Protection Agency – Education
Keep America Beautiful – Waste in Place
RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching)
County of Santa Clara – Integrated Waste Management

For any inquiries on community outreach events and presentations, please contact our Outreach Department at


TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only

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