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TTY: 408-479-7364
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Multi- Family Dwellings: Residents & Managers Information


To learn more information on what is recyclable in your neighborhood and how to participate in the recycling program, view and download a list of the acceptable materials for your recycling cart or bin.

Click to see:
– What to Recycle – English
– What to Recycle – Spanish
– What to Recycle – Vietnamese

Large Item Collection

Refrigerators, furniture, and other large items may be collected from your complex at no additional cost. To arrange for a free large item pickup call your property manager,  visit, dial 3-1-1, or call (408) 535-3500

To report illegal dumping call 408-535-3500 ( TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only
) or report online.  Illegal dumping is a crime with fines up to  $10,000.

Other Services

Resources and information about other services, including Home Compost/ Vermicompost and donation resources.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Trucks

GreenTeam's collection trucks powered by compressed natural gas, a cleaner burning fuel, provide the community with cleaner air.

Additional Information for Owners and Property Managers:

Garbage & Recycling Carts & Bin

Learn more about recycling containers and the set-out for multi-family residents.

GreenTeam of San Jose Extra Services

Call GreenTeam at 408-282-4400 ( TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only
) to:

  • Free Assessment your complex's recycling and garbage service level needs.
  • Request free, easy-to-read, trilingual labels for all recycling and garbage containers at your complex.
  • Order free trilingual posters for enclosures or other common spaces.

AB341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program

Effective July 1, 2012, AB 341, the State of California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling & Organics Program, requires multi-family complexes with 5 units or more to recycle. If your complex fits into this parameter and you currently do not have recycling, GreenTeam of San Jose will provide recycling containers and service for no additional charge. Please contact Customer Service at 408-282-4400 ( TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only
) to participate in the recycling program.

Multi-Family Residents: Other Services

Local Recycling Centers

To find a recycling center near you that will exchange recyclables for cash, visit CalRecycle.

Home Compost/ Vermicompost

Composting is nature's way of recycling. It is a satisfying way to turn fruit, vegetables and yard trimmings into a dark, crumbly, sweet smelling soil conditioner. Composting is easy, it's smart, and it's recycling.


  • Saves you money by lowering garbage bills and replacing store-bought soil conditioners.
  • Helps garden and house plants by improving the fertility and health of your soil.
  • Saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and reducing water runoff.
  • Benefits the environment by recycling valuable organic resources and extending the life of our landfills.

To find out more about composting visit

Household Hazardous Waste

You can schedule a free disposal appointment for household hazardous materials such as batteries, cleaning fluids, fluorescent light bulbs, paint, pesticides and fertilizers, pool chemicals, solvents, medical waste and mercury thermometers. Visit or call the County of Santa Clara Household Hazardous Waste Program at 408-299-7300 ( TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only

County of Santa Clara

Household Hazardous Waste


TTY: 408-479-7364
For persons with hearing or speech disabilities only

Donation Resources

Re-using an item is far better than recycling. To check out donation alternatives before you recycle search the links below.

Multi-Family Dwelling Managers: GreenTeam of San Jose Service Levels

Bin Sizes & Specifications

To determine the appropriate bin or cart sizes required, it may be necessary to convert cubic yards to gallons, or vice versa. The following conversion information will enable faster calculations for specific development plans:

1 gallon = 0.00495 cubic yards
1 cubic yard = 202 gallons

Example: 1 cubic yard of solid waste requires approximately two 96-gallon carts

Size (Back) Height*+ Width* Length*

1 cubic yard
30-1/2" 26-3/8" 72"
1.5 cubic yards 34-1/2" 29-1/2" 72"
2 CY bin 41-1/2" 34-1/2" 72"
3 CY bin 50-1/2" 41-1/2" 72"
4 CY bin 71" 58" 72"

*Dimensions may vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer
+Bin heights listed without wheels; add 4” if a bin with wheels is desired

Note: Add one foot around bins for curb bumpers and maneuverability between walls.

Click here to visit the City of San Jose's recycling and garbage website for apartments and condos.

Roll-off Services

GreenTeam of San Jose also provides roll-off construction debris box rental services for all residential and business cleanups/remodels in the City of San Jose, to businesses in Milpitas and to industrial areas in Santa Clara for large commercial and demolition projects. We deliver, your load, and we haul away!

Roll-off Service Information

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